Load Bank Testing & Generator Certifications

  • Qualified to perform NFPA certification testing
  • WSP Generator Reports
  • Annual diesel generator load bank testing
  • Tri-annual gaseous generator load bank testing
  • Confidence testing
  • Start-up testing

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Part of any generator maintenance plan should include at a minimum, an annual load bank test. Load banks allow generators to be tested at their rated capacity. You may ask why this is important if your critical load doesn't equal your generators capacity. The simple answer to this is you can't predict how your generator will react in an emergency unless it is run to its rated load and given the opportunity to perform.

The problem that exists with many stand-by generator applications is that they rarely run at their full capacity.  This can cause the generator to “wet stack”.   “Wet stacking” is a condition caused by operating the engine at a light load for extended periods, sending unburned fuel and soot into the exhaust system.  Over a prolonged period, this condition can seriously degrade engine performance, cause serious engine damage, or cause the motor to fail prematurely.  It is for this reason that the motor needs to go through an extensive load test beyond simple exercising or doing a transfer to building load.

When a building load is used for load tests, you are always placing the critical load at risk.  In some applications this may be acceptable, but if you lack redundancy this can be a high risk transfer. In addition, typical building loads are not going to equal the total load capacity of the generator, and therefore are not going to fully test the engine.

It is important to allow the engine the opportunity to burn off built up "wet stack" and fully come up to temperature through a full load.

Note: Load bank test is performed at the customer’s risk. Customer acknowledges that during testing mechanical failures may occur. Additional charges for repairs, restarting, and completing the load bank test are the customer’s responsibility.